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skatespots by a nonskater

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Skatespots from a nonskaters point of view


Skatespots Spain Posted on Sat, October 19, 2013 00:08:20

This is a pefect place if you feel like spending some time like a proper tourist, Lovely beachwalk by the Mediterranean, good food and lots of sun. But maybe the skatespot is gone because this was a long time ago…does not matter Sitges is a good place to be anyway.
Hot hotel room above great family restaurant.

It is quiet a decent ramp.Always nice to find a place like this in a sunny holiday town by the Mediterranean….love it. If you get restless put on your running shoes.
Or hang out at the ramp by the sea…smiley


Skatespots Spain Posted on Fri, September 13, 2013 11:20:19

Madrid is perfect! No problem to keep yourself occupied. Prado, Sol, Plaza Mayor, tapas, football…you can go on forever. I just love this city.

Right beside Vincente Calderon there is a skatepark that looks great. Next time…
But this time, tapas…
And then off to Alcobendas. It takes quite a while to get there. In the suburbs past La Moralejas!!! That is the suburb with the smart villas. Alcobendas is a more modest suburb with nothing much to do except skating in the cool skatepark. Even the colors of the concrete is cool.

The park is big enough for BMX, Skateboard, scooters and there is a tenniscourt just beside. So this is for everyone smiley

There is no shadow anywhere to be found so the icecream bar is a must. Lots and lots of flavours. The bar is just behind the park.

This is one of my favorites spots so far…