Trenton Ontario

What brings you to Trenton? A very just question by the locals. It is not a place that has very much going for it. Especially not on a windy, coldish, rainy day in May.
So it is a bit surprising to find a spot as good as this right in the middle of a soccerfield/campingsite, in the middle of nowhere so to speak.

And the locals aren´t that many but very nice. Even on a day like this the park is visited by skaters, scooters, inliners….and tourists 🙂

This is not a bad place to stop by, on a long trip through Onatario and Quecbec. Going by car in Canada will always be long hours on the road.
On a day like this not even the lake got me wanting to jogg. There is nothing to do but stretch your legs and get yourself some fresh are.

There is room and place for cruising.
If you are a bit brave.
Or just check out the skaters!

Just a couple of miles south the next stop will be Kingston. Home of Bryan Adams, a prison and the military academy!

And after hours of travelling TORONTO! By the way there is no way you miss where Quebec ends and Ontario starts 🙂 Your car will tell you. Bumpy road QC, smooth road ON.