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skatespots by a nonskater

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Skatespots from a nonskaters point of view

Microramp part threee

DIYs Posted on Sun, July 07, 2013 22:06:00

Now the sawing is done. Time for planks and screws.

We continue by assembling the sides. This looks good.

And more planks and screws. Looking even better.

Now we are getting close. Some water and jumping and then the bend is done.

This looks pretty good. Small, tight and hard to skate.

One day and some hard work.

Microramp part two

DIYs Posted on Fri, July 05, 2013 11:30:14

Today the ramp will be built. It is a oneday build ramp.

Lots of sawing. Like a jigsaw.

Little by little it is becomming a ramp, microstyle.

Building your own microramp

DIYs Posted on Thu, July 04, 2013 12:22:07

Sunny lazy days by the sea is not always enough.

The lawn is mowed by a robot so there is time for other stuff. Moving stones to make room for a pool, concrete. Painting the new cottage, built by us. The cottage looks great and building it was much more enjoyable and fun than we expected!

But still a bit desperate for our own skatespot!

So this is what we got ourselves from Kim´s lumberyard.

Three 100*2000 mm sheets of plywood.

Enough for day one. BBQ and beer awaits!